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Most businesses will know that they should focus on enhancing processes beyond their current state to become more responsive to client management and engagement.

Langdon Hamblin provide accounting tech consultancy services that follow the Envision™ process, which acts as a precursor to both these change dynamics - forcing the business to gain clarity of the dynamics within the business that hold it back or restrain it from achieving optimum outcomes.

By understanding why these retraining forces exist the firm is able to establish a clear focus on Why change initiatives need to happen (an Internal Why conversation).

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We use technology as an accelerator

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“Dermot is someone who I count as a true friend. He is one of the most level-headed people I know, and a smart thinker. What's more, he has a contact book to die for... in fact, he puts LinkedIn to shame. Forget Google or the Yellow Pages - ask Dermot! Putting that all to one side, Dermot also knows how the accounting world works. He's been about the block, and knows his onions. A guy who is well worth knowing.”

Carl Reader

“I was introduced to Dermot a number of years ago and from the first moment, I liked that he was willing to help with areas outside his original remit. So, apart from Dermot being a friend, he is also a trusted advisor and I would have no problem recommending him for insights on tech and more importantly delivering outcomes for accountancy practices.”

Mark Norden

“I've worked with Dermot for just over two years, since Day One of my practice. My desire was to have a Digital Accountancy business and Dermot made this a dream, by introducing me to the best practice software, and the people behind the business. He's encouraged, challenged and supported me during that time and helped me in numerous areas beyond software, because being a digital business is far more than tech. I'm delighted that my business is Digital and not Digitised and I can't wait for more growth, learning and enjoyment.”

Ria-Jaine Lincoln

“I’ve worked in the same industry as Dermot - both directly and indirectly - and I can honestly say there are few better in this field. A great source of knowledge around the technology that accounting firms need to succeed, matched with a well-earned reputation around tech, sales and consultancy. Dermot is one of my go tos in Accounting and Accounting Tech.”

Phil Hodben

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Find out more about improving your accounting processes and using technology as an accelerator today.

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Find out more about improving your accounting processes and using technology as an accelerator today.