Outcomes Delivered

Envision™ and YOUR Firm’s Tomorrow

✓ Build consensus and achieve buy-in for selecting and implementing a suite of business-critical technologies to build your vital Client Lifecycle Management platform.

✓ Understand the blind spots with existing platforms and areas of focus to improve adoption.

✓ Gain clarity and design strategies to facilitate the success of a project.

✓ Increase firm-wide collaboration and value resulting in your entire firm focusing on the right objectives at the right time.

✓ Benefit from decades of thought leadership and experience in facilitating technology decisions for hundreds of leading professional services firms.

“Right from the outset, the Envision™ Process allowed us to quickly establish what was important to the project and just as importantly, what was irrelevant. The process has proved a constant source of reference, ensuring we remain on track and deliver the outcomes most important to the practice.” 

Adam Irwin, Chief Operating Officer, Pitcher Partners Sydney

“Envision™ has improved our focus, enabling the firm to have the freedom to think creatively about how to achieve the results required and overcoming barriers to success. It has helped the teams align themselves not just to their own departmental and personal goals but to the goals of the organization.” 

Paul Desmond, Head of Information and Systems, Saffery Champness LLP


If you are looking for help in navigating the accountingtech world, then I’ve spent over 20 years immersed in this world.

Apps and importantly compliance software are both areas, where I can apply my deep understanding and knowledge to help you navigate this everchanging world.

If you want a conversation about Practice Management (PM) and CRM, then I’ve launched three PM systems in the UK and selected and implemented two large CRM systems – one over a £250K spend in 2008.

I’ve visited over 3,000 firms, so I know what good looks like.

Software Vendors

Having spent a lot of my 20-year career working in commercial roles for successful software houses, I understand the pressures that you face:

Launching in the UK – I’ve led three launches, being the first boots on the ground.

Sales – I’ve held senior commercial roles for well over 10 years.

Value Propositions

Value propositions, value chains, market mapping, Demand Generation Recruitment, management, Targets, Weekly KPI are all skills held in the kitbag.

My role is to give the team, the tools they require to succeed and to it swiftly.


Media and the investment world.

I’ve contributed on many exhibitions, podcasts and articles.

Investment world – I’ve stood in the room, with a stopwatch running and understand the pressures.

Feel free to contact me.

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Find out more about improving your accounting processes and using technology as an accelerator today.

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Find out more about improving your accounting processes and using technology as an accelerator today.